Saturday, 9 July 2011

Vancouver kids / family water parks >>>>>

Hi everyone,

Well, yesterday was incredible!  We finally had some sun here in Vancouver.  Those of you who live here were probably very excited to get outside!  I know we were.  

I have two kids ages 2 and 5, and they start going stir crazy after a few hours inside, let alone days and days on end of bad weather we get here in Vancouver. My family was extra excited with the fantastic weather day we had yesterday sans rain.  Insert WATER PARK!  

Keep in mind that that stir crazy feeling doesn't go away when you hit 'age of majority' - we all go a little batty when our bodies are at rest for too long. Your body needs a little action too!! Don't think the water park is just for the kids...It's time to get your hair wet a bit and enjoy the summer that is finally here.  No one has to know that you are in there getting wet because you actually want to.

Here is a list of some Vancouver Kids water parks

1. The Variety Kids Water Park is Vancouver's largest outdoor spray facility and offers hours worth of summer fun especially for young children and families.  Located at Lumberman's Arch / Stanley Park. 

2.  Granville Island Water Park- has an awesome slide!!
3. Maple Grove Pool
6875 Yew St, Vancouver, BC
604-266-9512 Website
This neighbourhood outdoor pool is great for the kids and is just the spot to beat the heat and keep fit at the same time.
4. I can't remember the name,, but it's in the Dunbar area at King Edward and Crown.  This is a huge park with a fantastic water splash pad area and 2 jungle gyms plus swings for both big and little kids. 

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