Sunday, 1 January 2012


I want to give you a freebie for NEW YEAR'S. It's a new ebook called DIET MYTHS REVEALED.

But first, I'm in Florida having a great time, teaching the kids to swim and spending some much needed time with family that has come from across the globe. Tonight we all got together for dinner to celebrate my husbands birthday at an Italian Restaurant.  Last week there were 20 of us,, all family, tonight just shy of that.

The remarkable thing was that we were all able to order for our individual needs.
My daughter is Gluten Free, my dad likes EVERYTHING grilled,,, 'CLEAN' as he says, my step mom always has 'dressing on the side'.. the lists go on. I guess what I'm getting at is that to eat according to your NEw YEars plan, all you really need to do is ask.

Restaurants these days are more than willing to accomodate your needs.  That's why they are there! So go out, enjoy yourself, and speak up,,, order what you want, not what you think you are expected to.

So here's your FREEBIE... Over the next week, when you go out, or have dinner at a friends, and ask for something a little off the menu, or slightly altered to fit your dietary needs, I want to know about it. Post your altered order on my facebook page and I'll send you my free ebook DIET MYTHS REVEALED.

All you need to do to get my FREE ebook with info on Diet Myths Reveaveld is post your altered meal order on my facebook page!/pages/Point-Grey-Fitness/107281992646777and I'll send you the book FREE.

Also, don't forget that until Jan. 3rd you can get 2 Classes FREE when you get a book of 10 Personal Training Sessions.  Just email me to claim yours. It works out to just $50 per session including taxes. That's the best deal I've had out so if you want it, nows' the time to get it.  Deal ends Jan. 3rd and I need your email claiming your deal by the end of that day at or reply to this email.

AND for those of you who prefer small group classes, we have a new one starting up on Jan. 13th,, Friday Mornings at 10:00 runs till FEB. 24th, email to reserve your spot. Max,. 4 people per class $23.50 per class

I'll be back at it on Jan. 9th to help you achieve your New Year Fitness Goals. If you are hoping to change the time of your personal training slot, or add one to your schedule  please email me your preferred times asap as I'm working on the scheudle over the next few days.

P.S Here's where to go to post for your  FREEBIE :!/pages/Point-Grey-Fitness/107281992646777 and i'll see you all soon,