Friday, 11 March 2011

What not to Wear.. Workout fashion do's and don'ts

Come on people.. use some common sense here.  Below are some do's and don'ts when working out in a public setting.  In the privacy of your own living room, feel free to go to town in whatever you wish.  Ok. Here's the list:

1. No one, not one person, really wants to see your CRACK!!!I'm talking about shorts too low, tops to high, tights so tight they slide down below where your bottom is able to hold them in place.  Go to a store where they can fit you properly, then do the following CRACK test.
                     Begin by marching in place several times gradually getting your knees higher and higher... Still in place?  Great. step 2, now that you are warmed up.. BEND OVER.  still in place? Do it again, and again and again.  If you look over your shoulder and see any crack at all ask the saleslady for either a different size or a different style.. sometimes it really just comes down to style.   I actually own a pair of lu lu lemon pants that I have to wear backwards because if I don't, then they just don't fit.  Weird, but that's my butt for you.   Try this test until you find one that fits,

2.  OPACITY LEVEL - Are your pants, or top see through?  Sometimes your pants  look just fine until you bend over.  This leads me to the awesomeness of partner shopping.. get someone to go with you and they can TELL you if you have achieved the first rule, and then, determine the the opacity lever for you.  Bend over slightly  - I'm sure your buddy will let you know. EVEN the black ones can be see through so don't be fooled by colour.

3. Leg warmers and high cut underwear in lycra over the tights has been banned  since the late 80's and is NO LONGER  approved by most gyms.  Best to leave that stuff to dance class.

This is all in fun of course but it wouldn't hurt to abide by it as having your bottoms ride up while working out is just a plain old nuisance.   For some real 'what not to wear' tips check out Stacey and Clinton here:

And for some great workout gear,,, check
lululemon a fantastic Vancouver based fitness/yoga and active wear company  Here is another fitness wear company that is little known-.. fashion fitness wear it can be cheesy, but also great.

And here is me just hanging out in some workout gear.     I'm wearing my pants backwards to avoid any impending ass crack.
I'm wearing my lulu lemon pants BACKWARDS. you can see the shiny insignia in the front.   Do you have any super comfortable workout clothes you can send us the link to?  I'm always on the hunt for some great workout clothes and if the price is right, even better.  Send us your top picks for active wear.

A hilarious YOU TUBE video of a real crack disaster- guy on a treadmill