Saturday, 5 March 2011

Fitness Motivation - How hard is it- the Biggest LOSER challenge!

Is it really that difficult to put one foot in front of the other?  Is it that hard to decide to workout?

If the only goal you had today was to put ONE foot in Front of the other, just ONE time.. could you do it?  Most likely you would say 'yes', drag your ass out of bed at some point, and do it.

Now, once you are up and just about to sit down,,, what if I said,, "come on,, how about one more step? " You may give me this look like,, 'really?' and maybe ok, you would do it,,, just as you are about to turn back i say,,, '"STOP!!, I'll give you a million bucks if you walk to the door."  No brainer right?(assuming you think i have a million to give).   This is how they get people on THE BIGGEST LOSER to start moving their asses.  These people have tried every single motivational thing they could prior to getting on the show.., that million bucks just seems to get the ball rolling, and once they are there, they learn that there are OTHER motivations beyond the million bucks.  But it takes, walking the walk to learn it, and really there is no other way. Dieting, or exercising a few times and giving up will never get you past the hump,  You have to workout, exercise and get off your ass when you don't want to, day after day after day after day,..  You need to do it even when you don't want to and eventually, at some point, you will feel strangely unsatisfied if you don't.  You will realize that the benefits of moving you ass, far out way the cons because there are NONE.  So regardless of whether you actually feel like working out or not, you need to realize that you have no choice.  To actually LIVE LIFE you have to move your body if it is capable of moving.  It wants to move!!!    So please, for the love of g-d people, if you are reading this, and want to feel better, or get in shape, be happier, and feel better about yourself, and you have not 'moved your body ' today,, get off your ass, and move it around a bit!!!

Do you think this is too harsh, or do you agree?  If you are an unhealthy person as a result of your weight, how do you feel?  If I actually gave you a million bucks, or half a million for every two workouts that you did,, would you try to work out, or would you stay at home like you have been doing?



  1. In order to be successful with the goal of weightloss or choosing a healthy lifestyle, you need to be motivated by an inner desire rather than an outer calling like a money or attention. It may get you to start on the path or you may actually progress all the way but because it is for superficial reasons, you will inevitably lose the desire and return to the bad habits or to the things that made you unhealthy or overweight in the first place. Getting to know what's (lacking) inside of you will help you figure out why you make the choices you do. Then you can make the necessary changes that will be lasting and effective for possibly the rest of your life.

  2. True for some,, but for many, if they wait for the aha moment,, they will die sitting on their sofa.. i'm thinking of the truly obese person who cannot find the answer. I think that sometimes a person needs to change the behaviour first before the aha moment can happen.. for these people the million bucks is often a great starting incentive,,, they can work on the innards while the work on the outside,, but if they are just sitting on the sofa 'thinking' about why the aren't making a change,, they will often will sit there forever and never make a change.
    For those who just need to lose 10 - 20 pounds, i think your point is VERY will taken.
    What does everyone else think? I want to know