Friday, 18 March 2011

BEST BREAKFAST for loosing weight?

The best breakfast for loosing weight is NOT always what it seems

How many calories in this breakfast?  Is this a good breakfast for you?

This in fact is  about  300 calories..  brutal!!  It from McDonalds.  No matter WHAT the fast food chains do, you need to realize their attempt at healthy is NOT really that healthy or low calories.  the add all sorts of stuff including SURGAR to the seemingly healthiest of choices.  So read the labels very carefully.  

And Tim HOrtons,,, those breakfasts?  closer to 500 plus calories.   quite a bit and full of all sorts of things even a PHd student might have trouble reading!!!

Order smarter: Watch for high-calorie toppings. Skip the brown sugar to shave off empty calories, and stick with filling fruits and nuts.
Or,  if you feel like i do about oatmeal, in my opinion here are the BEST GO TO breakfasts:
half a grapefruit, a slice of tallest with a thin thin thin layer of cream cheese and a huge glass of h2o.
Protein toast topped with tuna (no mayo) and avocado, cup of tea.

What's your go to breakfast?  Have you got a question about a fast food breakfast?  If you know of one that is actually health? We want to know about it. or leave a comment here.

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